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by – Gary K. on Blank Business Name
Highly recommended

“I gotta give a shout out to these guys for the replacing the rack and pinion on my old rust-bucket ZX2. I had tried replacing it but couldn’t get a few rusted bolts loose. I called around to ask what it would cost for various shops to do it, and the prices were all over the board. Cedar Bluff Auto Care was reasonable, approved by AAA (and close by) so I went with them.Not only did they get it done in less than a day, they charged me $100 LESS than they had quoted! It drives perfectly, and zero leaks. I should’ve taken there first, rather than spend 3 days trying to free the rusted bolts myself. I have high standards regarding service and value, and they exceeded them. Highly recommended.”

by – Mel C. on Blank Business Name
Good service

“Good service. 5 star”

by – Andy T. on Blank Business Name
Great job

“They did a great job, as always. I took the car in because of a smell of burnt oil. It has 210,000 miles. They identified three oil leaks and advised me of the cost and expected results from each leak. I chose to have two of the leaks fixed because the third was not critical at the time and cost $500. They fixed both leaks that day. The smell of burnt oil is gone.”

by – Mikhail F. on Blank Business Name
Very honest

“Best in town! Very honest. Great and honest people. Highly recommend.”


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